Ping Pong Ball Launcher Development

Hugo Zieg
2 min readMar 10, 2021

Due to the delayed arrival of the robot I decided to keep developing the ping pong ball launcher. In order to fabricate the main body of the launcher I coped two 40mm interior diameter PVC pipes so that where they mated would create a smooth edge so that the balls can move freely from the magazine into the barrel.

In order to then bond these two pipes together I used a two part epoxy. This gave a strong and rigid bond that will also create an air tight seal. This joint took 48 hours to fully cure. During this time the piece had to be lightly clamped together to allow a strong bond.

I then bonded a cap to the back of the pipe to create an end to the tube. This cap incorporated a tube that was glued to the bottom of the barrel and would allow the compressed air trigger mechanism to be plugged in and out.

I then drilled a hole through the base of the magazine. This will allow me to allow the balls down one at a time as otherwise all the magazine will empty instantly. The single firing of the balls also leads to increased accuracy which will help in the final test. I also bonded a bracket to the barrel to allow the launcher be attached to the base.

I then constructed the base out of 20mm circular tubing. To allow the base to have a flat surface to balance on I flattened out each end using a hammer and anvil. I also made a flat spot in the centre of each of the legs to allow the pieces to be welded together